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  Danny Wiseman vs. Wade Cutler*  

Danny Wiseman

Danny's surfboard and scissors combo

Wade splayed

Crucified and squeezed

Sexy 'Shoot'-off finale!

Megahunk Wade returns to sexy action luring punky Danny to settle a shoving match. Wade’s butt looks great in his white bikini as Dan rolls him in relentless scissors. Wade bearhugs Dan into submission, but a cheapshot to his nuts brings him down for Dan’s long and humiliating face-smother headscissors. Hairy chested Danny so en-joys being topman to the excitable hunk (who wouldn’t?), he challenges Wade to a shoot-off contest. Wade gets off flexing his muscles and humpy bare butt for Dan, as the two explode huge loads.

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Danny Wiseman vs. Wade Cutler*
30 minutes
$10.00 or 10 tokens for Arena Members

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Danny works Wade over

Danny crushed!

Wade Cutler


Wade trapped in a head scissors as Danny show's off

Wade's upside-down bearhug!

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