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  DeVon Brown vs. J-Rock  

DeVon Brown 5'9 200

DeVon tries a full nelson

Drilling DeVon

Punishing reverse bearhug

Pro Punisher meets Ready Rookie

J-Rock's back - big, barefoot and bulging in his leopard print trunks like a modern day Italo Tarzan. "Check the peaks," he advises his opponent as he flexes. "How 'bout the legs?" A bodybuilder in his own right, DeVon isn't impressed: "You gonna pose all night or are we gonna wrestle?" But as Mike Columbo learned to his extreme suffering on GutBash 3, one doesn't trash talk J-Rock! He goes to work, brutalizing DeVon with forearms, punches and hard open-handed chops to the chest. DeVon reverses a slingshot, but J-Rock explodes out of the corner with a HUGE clothesline that knocks DeVon head over heels. Bodyslams, flying elbow drops, pec and gut claws and barefoot stomps up and down his body leave the hunky DeVon ripe for J-Rock's powerful and crushing bearhugs, applied both front and rear, and an expertly applied bodyscissors submission clincher. "I hope you learned a lesson, bitch!" J-Rock rants. But when he comes back for another round, sheer desperation drives DeVon to attack, targeting those corrugated abs. For the first time, J-Rock gets a taste of his own gut punishment! Could his reign of terror come to an end in just his second match? What do you think?

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DeVon Brown vs. J-Rock
20 minutes
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J-Rock drops the big elbow

DeVon crush in J-Rock's arms

J-Rock 5'9 210

J-Rock works a big bearhug

Gut claw over the the knee

Powerful pec claws

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