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  Brad Rochelle vs. Pierre LaCroix  

Brad Rochelle

Brad stretched

Brad's painful scissors

Brad applies the pressure

Brad looks over his victim

This match opens with an amazing display of kickboxer and BGE star Brad working on his martial arts moves. His BGE wrestling experience has got him eager to learn, and more eager to test his growing skills. Muscular Pierre has heard about Brad's reputation (and loss record) so despite Brad's weight advantage he's game to challenge the stud-star. His own muscled physique is the perfect counterpart to Brad, and he clearly knows what he's doing with his warm up moves. "OK, you can fight, but do you know how to grapple?" asks Brad: a quick armbar submission shows the answer to be yes! Brad soon returns the favor, and the battle rages on! Highlights include an excruciating kneelock submission, an astounding spladling neck crank with Pierre's knee in Brad's crotch, and an intense legsplit displaying Brad's pouch! A beautiful bodyscissors/double armbar leads to hot headscissors, and a single-leg crab submission is decisive. One of our most intensely hard-fought muscle Ultrafights yet!

BRAD ROCHELLE - 6' 190 lbs.
PIERRE LACROIX - 5'6" 145 lbs.

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Brad Rochelle vs. Pierre LaCroix
28 minutes
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Brad's brutal boston

Headscissor heaven

Pierre LaCroix

Pierre all locked up!

Brad hammerlocks and cranks!

Banana split!

Pierre in control

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