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  J-Rock vs. Justin Pierce  

Justin Pierce

Air Justin

Justin's stump-puller

The J-Rock Rack!

J-Rock Jobs Justin; or Style vs Substance

J-Rock is a simple man: 220 lbs of menacingly thick muscle, skill and bad attitude, never caring where, how or even who he's wrestling so long as there's an ass waiting for him to kick. So when Justin struts into the arena in flashy full wrestler regalia complete with a baby blue hooded robe carefully selected to match his eyes, J-Rock's disgust is palpable: "Who are you, the Mystery Prettyboy?" J-Rock may think "Just Perfect" Justin is just another jobber to dismiss with windpipe-bruising suspended chokes, stomps and a blatantly illegal leg-on-throat garrote on the ropes. But when Justin dodges, dropkicks J-Rock into the turnbuckles face-first and downs him with a sweet Russian leg sweep into his stump puller finisher, it's time to think again! And when tenacious Justin isn't an easy mark in arm wrestling either, J-Rock dips into his heel bag 'o tricks: a cheating boot to the breadbasket during a test of strength. After weakening Justin with his trademark pillar-to-post trunks-pulling ab attack, and forcing him to cave to a twisting, in-the-ropes ab stretch, twice chagrined J-Rock morphs from dismissive to ultra-focused, this-is-personal intensity...

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J-Rock vs. Justin Pierce
33 minutes
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