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  Billy Lodi vs. Len Harder  

Billy Lodi - 5'10, 152

Pouring pressure on the nelson

Standing scissors & atomic wedgie

Spanking Len's wedgied butt

Billy fights Len's face smother pin and groin grab with a nasty crotch claw of his own

SEXY: Skater Punk In Total Control

Matched almost perfectly in body, build, height and experience, Billy Lodi and Len Harder have each taken by surprise their fair share of BG East wrestlers. They're both long and lean, looking like they just walked out of the skateboard park and into your skater punk wrestling fantasy. They may look too young to buy alcohol, but despite appearances, these wrestlers are not "boys", not by any means! They're fierce and dangerous young men, both with impressive wrestling resumes that have sharpened their skills and honed their tolerances for pain. They've both schooled a little more than they've been schooled by the deep ranks of BG East wrestling talents. And they've proven that wrestling isn't just a hobby or fleeting pastime for either of them. For both, it's their number one turn-on.

And they're all business as they take to the mats. Both young punks exude maximum attitude and cocky arrogance as they square off in BG East's Florida fight space. Starting out in sexy ripped jeans and t-shirts, shoving and pushing and mouthy challenges quickly turn into jockeying for advantage. Len snaps on a nasty headlock, determined to punish Billy for the opening insult of knocking Len's cap off of his head. It takes him less than a minute to lock Billy up tight in a double armbar and head scissors that makes him compliantly gasp,"Yes!" when Len asks if he's ready to submit. If Billy can't defend himself any better than this, this looks like it could turn into a nasty, one-sided squash job!

T-shirts come off before the action resumes, displaying their nearly identical, lean, hard torsos ready for battle. Another flurry of lightening fast take downs and counters leaves Billy's arms trapped at his sides as he struggles to breathe with Len's legs scissored tightly around his abdomen. With his opponent helpless to prevent it, Len unbuckles Billy's belt and snaps open his jeans. Once his jeans come off, Billy screams in protest as Len wedgies his underwear savagely, spanking his bare ass until it glows bright red.

Len controls his opponent at every turn. Billy seems almost like he's sleepwalking through the start of this match, caught flat-footed and half a step too slow over and over again. Len conducts a short-and-sweet tutorial of skater punk wrestling torture, applying joint wrenching armbars and neck cranks that leave Billy with nowhere to turn. Bone crunching scissors, and a particularly merciless ball claw forces Billy to scream out his third, rapid-fire submission within the first five minutes of the match. Things are not looking good for Billy!

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Billy Lodi vs. Len Harder
27 minutes
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Double hands full of boy butt and a passionate embrace with a lip lock to finish things off

Banana split! Len's unit gets crushed by Billy's tight grip claw hold

Len Harder - 5'9, 142

Len's headscissors and hammerlock

Bulging Billy smothers Len

Brutally arched camel clutch

Billy enjoying the ride: Schoolboy seduction, slowly lowering his bulge down on Len's lips

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