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  Rio Garza vs. Aryx Quinn  

Rio Garza - 6', 185

Rio trapped between Quinn's legs

Aryx's cat-bird seat surfboard

The Aryx Quinn hangman hold

Head bowed in shame, Rio 'Golden' Garza follows Aryx into the confines of the massage room...

Main Event Muscle: Rio Garza, Instant Superstar, or...

With just two matches to his credit (though there will be more), there's a reason why Rio's made the main event each time. Cole cussed when he saw his name in the opening slot. Jonny jabbered when he saw his match in the middle. But The Boss summed it up with a rare colloquialism: "I ain't stupid." Rio's an instant sensation, a once-in-a-generation face and body in the wrestling game, a guaranteed draw whether he wins or loses. The fanboards lit up with a thesaurus worth of fawning praise: "stunning," "outstanding," "unbelievable body," even, "a god!" Hell, he's that rare stud in the tradition of Brad Rochelle, Troy Baker, Justin Pierce who may actually grow more popular the more he suffers and struggles only to rack it up and try again and again. But while other wrestlers hemmed and hawed at Rio's push and walked away to plan and plead for their own shots against him, one wrestler tooks matters into his own hands. Enter Aryx.

"You look good, you smell good, you probably feel good, but there's only one thing around here that's not just good but fucking GREAT, and that's Aryx Quinn!" Always cocky, Aryx is never at a loss for words with his mind-fuck habit of flattering his opponent only to suddenly slide in a self-praising reference that shifts from compliment to crude cut-down. His last appearance ended with a victory and a stunning comeuppance by a pissed off Kid Leopard who punished "his" Aryx for stepping out of line. For Aryx the lesson wasn't humility, but a call to take greater control of his career, hit the gym harder and push his status as The Boss's partner in crime one step further.

Unscheduled or not, Aryx insists he test drive Rio to determine whether he's "worthy of being in the ring." Clad appropriately enough in skintight gold trunks (though Aryx insists his own are "platinum"), Rio's ready, offers to show Aryx "how to pump up" for a match, before sliding into a set of ab-popping poses. It's never a good idea to challenge the covermodel of the abdominals issue of a nationally distributed muscle magazine to a pose off. More pumped than ever before, Aryx accepts. But it's not outlandish ego in action, it's a deliberate set up. Urged by Aryx to lift his arms, thrust his hips forward until his famous abs shred and ripple, he's wide open for a bodyblow that makes the gorgeous model and aspiring wrestler double over before Aryx tosses his pretty ass into the ring.

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Rio Garza vs. Aryx Quinn
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Abdominal perfect cover boy get his ripped abs clawed and pummeled

Aryx Quinn - 5'8 170

Rio wrapped in a big bearhug

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Single leg boston and chinlock

Rio checks himself out in the mirror as Aryx plies his full nelson

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